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Facts about the company

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Our capabilities

Highly qualified specialists of the company and leading scientists to solve complex problems and implement ambitious projects.

Our experience

Implemented more than 10 projects for mine water treatment and desalination in more than 5 countries of the CIS.

Pros concept

We provide high quality products, reasonable price and competent environmental approach to solving existing problems.

Duration of work

The service life of the membranes and other constituent elements of our systems is at least 7-10 years.

Plug and Play System

All two or three days required to connect and run the plants. Ability to connect almost anywhere.

Ease of use

Our technique uses a minimum number of reactants, there are no elements which require periodic replacement.

Information about the company

The main activities of "technology Nature"

Company "Technology of Nature", being a partner of the Scientific Park «Kyiv Polytechnics" in 2009, specializes in the implementation of projects in preparation, purification and desalination of water on the basis of the most advanced systems and technologies. The cooperation of highly skilled professionals with leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists can solve complex problems and implement ambitious projects.

Company "Technology of nature" since the beginning of its foundation, and now does not stop there. We are an integral part of the business has always been a social initiative. We provide daily delivery of drinking water in church schools, churches and rehabilitation centers for children.

To provide drinking water to the school and pre-school institutions, the company has created a program to provide free use of equipment (pumps, bottles), organizations had to pay only the cost of water.

Every year, the feast of the Epiphany, we provide free distribution of water from the churches.

We have introduced a reduced rate for the disabled and war veterans, as well as for pensioners.

Our partners

The main activities of " Nature of Technology "

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